“After the pandemic, we will witness the advent of a period similar to that of the 1920s”

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – For the American sociologist and doctor, Nicholas Christakis, the post Covid-19 will be a time of rebirth, as during the interwar period. An era characterized by a cultural and artistic proliferation, very strong economic growth.

By Elke Bodderas(Die Welt)

The New York Times calls him “intellectual rock star”: Nicholas Christakis teaches at the prestigious Yale University. This 58-year-old professor and researcher studies how infectious diseases spread and change our lives.

DIE WELT. – The whole world is vaccinating. From when will we see the first results, Mr. Christakis?

Nicholas Christakis. – Group immunity varies greatly from disease to disease. In the case of measles, for example, it is 96% of the population that must be vaccinated, while in the case of Covid-19, this rate should be between 50 and 70%, maybe even more. . In the United States, an estimated 14% of citizens have contracted Sars-Cov-2. Despite the launch of the vaccination campaign, the rate of 50% is not close to being reached. We are only at the end of the start of the pandemic. Our children will not return to normal schooling, and we will not be able to

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