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Mom is raining hard

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8-year-old Jeanne’s red coat is a patch of color in a grayish suburb. On the eve of the Christmas holidays, she waits in the rain in front of her school for someone to pick her up. But her mother, depressed and stunned by anxiolytics, forgot her again… So Jeanne walks home, bringing back the frozen dinner from the store next door.

Rest assured, this animated short by Hugo de Faucompret has nothing sinister about it, on the contrary. In the manner of The good life, broadcast last year on France 4, mourning for a little girl orphaned since the Paris attacks, Mom is raining hard deals with another delicate subject: the depression of a parent.

When one in five French people is currently in a state of depression, according to the latest public health surveys, this lovely animated film can be a good way to raise the issue with the youngest.

Jeanne does not understand – or does not want to understand – why her mother, who is going to be treated in a psychiatric clinic, sends her to spend the end of the year holidays in the countryside, with her “Granny Onion”. This does not please the little girl with a strong character, persuaded to be completely bored in the old hut of her grandmother. The rest, which borrows its traditional figures from the tale, will prove the contrary.

With a three-star cast of “voices” (Yolande Moreau, Céline Sallette and Arthur H), Mom is raining hard is a tender family chronicle staged with delicacy and care, like the sets, hilly landscapes quivering with life, all painted by hand. Sublimating the whole, the soundtrack by Pablo Pico, composer of numerous animated films, combines instrumental music and the sounds of nature in a crazy farandole.

Despite a somewhat rapid ending, the film takes the time to highlight the notion of sharing. Or how an onion pie can dry up tears …


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