Against the Delta variant, are vaccines effective enough to achieve collective immunity?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – According to recent Israeli data, the Pfizer vaccine is only 64% effective against variant infections originating in India. Is it too little to keep the virus from circulating?

THE QUESTION. Israel has been one of the countries that has vaccinated its population the most massively, and especially the fastest. By February 24, 50% of the Israeli population had received at least one injection, a figure that rose to 60% by May 11. This July 8, 63.1% of it was first vaccinated and 57.3% completely vaccinated (overwhelmingly over 18 years). Enough to already have a little perspective on the effect of vaccinations since the Hebrew State has been located since mid-March on a kind of vaccine plateau, admittedly slightly upward.

However, since mid-June, Israel has experienced a slight epidemic resumption, driven by the Delta variant, which for the moment only results in an increase in contamination, but not in hospitalizations and deaths. The Israeli Ministry of Health this week released epidemiological data which reveals that, as of June 6, the Pfizer vaccine is only 64% effective against Covid-19 infections, while it was more than 90% effective. in May when the Delta variant was not present on Israeli soil, as reported The Times of Israel . On social networks, many Internet users were moved by this news. Among the questions, several come up, in particular: does this figure of 64% mean that the vaccines are defeated by the variants? and, more specifically, does it mean that we will not be able to achieve collective immunity?

CHECKS. And remember – this is the most fundamental – that vaccines have two distinct and complementary effects. The first is to prevent symptomatic and severe forms of Covid-19 disease. In this regard, the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine is in no way called into question by the Delta variant since the same Israeli data estimate that in June, this effectiveness is 93%. It is certainly in light

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