Aggression of Yvan Colonna: the suspect indicted for attempted murder

While thousands of people protested Sunday, March 6 in Corte (Haute-Corse) against the violent attack in prison of the Corsican independence activist Yvan Colonna by a fellow prisoner, the latter was indicted for “attempted assassination in connection with a terrorist enterprise”. Aged 35, he was placed in pre-trial detention as part of this judicial investigation also opened for “terrorist association of criminals”.

In front of the press, the national anti-terrorism prosecutor Jean-François Ricard underlined that “for the fifth time since 2016, it is in a prison establishment that a terrorist crime has been committed by jihadists”. The facts committed at the Arles remand center (Bouches-du-Rhône) Wednesday March 2 “demonstrate that this jihadist threat posed by people detained for acts of radicalized terrorism remains a major subject of concern”he added.

The investigation will focus on “retrace with the greatest meticulousness the course in detention” of the aggressor, “determine all of his contacts, particularly among people who share his ideology” and “clarify the possible interactions (…) likely to have played a role in the facts”said the prosecutor.

Several demonstrations took place in Corsica

Franck Elong Abé, who was serving several sentences, including one of nine years for “association of criminals with a view to the preparation of an act of terrorism”explained his act while in police custody “by what he considered blasphemies” uttered according to him in recent months by Yvan Colonna. The Corsican activist is said to have declared a few days before the attack that he “spit on God”, according to Jean-François Ricard. Yvan Colonna’s vital prognosis is “always engaged”he added.

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Since the attack, several demonstrations have taken place in Corsica, in front of the prefectures, until that of Sunday. In Corte, 4,200 people according to the prefecture, 15,000 according to the organizers, marched behind banners “Glory to you Ivan” and “murderous French state”denouncing the responsibility of the authorities in the attack which left Yvan Colonna in a coma.

Incidents erupted at the end of the demonstration, groups throwing projectiles and “agricultural bombs” (homemade bombs) on the forces of order massed to protect access to the sub-prefecture. Firefighters counted 25 wounded among the demonstrators, including 15 hospitalized.


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