Agun Sagun Dui Brahma Sarupa. Akatha infinite beginning Anupa.

Motivational Quotes, Chaupai, ramcharitmanas : Goswami Tulsidas ji carries forward the order of glory. Describing the subject of Saguna and Nirguna Brahman, he finally described the glory of the name Ram. He made it clear that the God which he has attained is neither from Nirguna nor Saguna, it has been done by name only. He considers the name to be the biggest.

Agun Sagun Dui Brahma Sarupa.
Akatha infinite beginning Anupa.
More don’t bad namu duhu te.

Nirguna and Saguna are the two forms of Brahman. Both of them are inexplicable, immeasurable, beginningless and unique. In my opinion, the name is greater than these two, who with his power has kept both of them under his control.

Maturity is the happiness of the soul.
Kahan Pratiti Preeti Ruchi of the mind.
Look at Eku Darugat, Aku.
Pavak Sam Jug Brahma Bibeku.
Ubhay agam jug sugam naam te.
Tell me Namu Bad Brahm Ram Them.
Byapku eku brahma abinasi.
Sat Chetan Ghan Anand Rasi ..

Gentlemen, do not take this thing as the insolence of my servant, that is, audacity or mere poetry. I speak my heart’s trust, love and interest. The knowledge of Brahman, both Nirguna and Saguna, is like fire. Nirguna is like the unmanifest fire which is inside the wood, but is not visible, and Saguna is like the manifest fire which is visible. Both are the same, seem different only by the distinction of the manifest and the unmanifest. Similarly Nirguna and Saguna are one and the same. Despite this, both are very difficult to know, but both become easy by name. That is why I have called the name greater than Nirguna Brahman and Saguna Rama, Brahman is comprehensive, one, imperishable, the dense amount of being, consciousness and bliss.

As Lord, the heart is untouchable.
Sakal Jeev Jag Deen Dukhari⁠.
Naam nirupan naam jatan te.
Sou Pragat Jimmy Mol Ratan Teh..

Even living in the heart of such a disorderless God, all the living beings of the world are humbled and unhappy. Knowing the true nature, glory, mystery and influence of the name by representing the name, by doing the means of chanting the name with devotion, by conserving the name, the same brahman becomes manifest in the same way as by knowing the gem its value.

Nirgun is like a big name Prabhau immense .

Thus the effect of the name on Nirguna is very great. Now according to my opinion, I say that the name is bigger than Ram ..

Akhar Madhur Manohar Dou, Baran Bilochan Jan Jiya Jou, Both the letters of Ram are sweet and lovely.

Raghupati Charan worshiper Jete, Khag deer sur male Asur Samate, all the worshipers of Shri Ramchandra ji’s feet are venerable.


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