Aid for the modernization of newspaper distributors reformed

Between the bankruptcy of the Presstalis courier and the Covid-19 pandemic, newsagents have seen their activity severely restricted and many risk closure. This is why the State has decided to take matters into its own hands and act for broadcasters. In a press release published on Wednesday, May 12, the Ministry of Culture announced that it was reforming the program to help modernize press outlets.

This reform represents above all the doubling of the envelope. Direct aid to kiosks has increased from 6 to 12 million euros: it concerns IT modernizations and sales areas. ” Reform increases the support rates up to 80% for certain expenditure, doubles the aid ceilings and extends the eligible expenditure for two years », Can we read in the press release from the rue de Valois. The conditions for obtaining aid are strict and exclude merchants who are not specialized in the sale of press titles.

Skeptical Newsagents

This announcement mainly consists of implementing the aids already mentioned. But according to Michel Kerriou, who has a point of sale in Paris, the conditions of eligibility for this aid no longer represent the economic reality of traders and do not bring them enough. “ A subsidy, when you have decided to do the work, why not? adds Catherine Faure, another owner of a newsstand in Paulliac (Gironde). But is it an incentive to do the work, that’s something else …

Help is great for both of these outlet owners, but it’s just the start. The previous aid to newsagents suffered from malfunctions: “They are especially interesting for suppliers who inflate their prices because there is help. Their benefit is greater than ours ”, regrets Catherine Faure. “This aid must be part of a global dynamic intended to restore attractiveness to the profession”, complete Michel Kerriou.

On the side of the newsagent’s union, Culture Presse, it is estimated that the proposed aid is incomplete, but that it should allow broadcasters to get their heads out of the water.


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