Air quality in French metros still poor

ANSES proposes creating limit values ​​for fine particle pollution specific to each of the 7 underground networks.

The air quality in the 7 metros or underground networks in the urban areas of Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Toulouse, Rennes and Rouen is poor. Air pollution caused by too many particles suspended in the air. To help the authorities and respond to a joint request from the Ministries of Health and the Environment in 2019, ANSES (National Agency for Health and Food Safety) offers pollution indicators specific to each transport network.

“The concentration of fine particles in the stations is on average 3 times higher than that of the outside air. It can even reach peaks up to 6 times higher, in particular when the train enters a station and it will resuspend the particles accumulated on the ground in the air. It is the weight of the past!”, explains Éric Vial, director of risk assessment at ANSES. The old subways, like those of Paris, London, Rome or New York are more polluted than…

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