Alert on sedentary lifestyle, the other scourge that threatens seated man

DECRYPTION – Sitting for more than 8 hours a day has direct consequences on our metabolism.

“Sitting is the new smoking” (“sitting is the new smoking”), as the Anglo-Saxons say”summarizes the Pr François Carré, sports cardiologist (Rennes). It is a scourge that threatens modern man: physical inactivity, an independent risk factor and only very partially offset by physical activity. Being sedentary is not the same as not having enough physical activity. This is, recalls the National Agency for Health Security (Anses), a “wakefulness with low energy expenditure, sitting or lying down”: watching television, working on a computer, reading or being a passenger in a car…

In short, all activities where energy expenditure is less than 1.6 times resting metabolism. With its own consequences: “The longer you sit, the more you release a hormone, grélin, which stimulates the appetiteexplains François Carré. It also raises blood sugar and blood pressure: so that it drops…

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