Algeria: the president dissolves the Assembly and carries out a cabinet reshuffle

Early parliamentary elections must take place within six months.

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Actions in the face of the political crisis. Algerian President Abdemadjid Tebboune reshuffled his government on Sunday February 21. The long-awaited approach, however, did not result in a major team change despite the popular protest movement of Hirak which marks its second anniversary on Monday.

The Prime Minister, Abdelaziz Djerad, however criticized, remains in his post as well as the holders of the royal ministries. The Minister of Justice, Belkacem Zeghmati, a symbol of the fight against corruption but also of the judicial repression against the opposition and Hirak activists, keeps his portfolio, as does the Minister of Communication and government spokesperson Ammar Belhimer, who has control over the media.

President Tebboune had previously dissolved the National People’s Assembly (APN), the lower house of parliament, paving the way for early parliamentary elections within six months. No date has yet been set for the election, but the political class is counting on the month of June. According to the Constitution, elections must take place within three months. In the event that these elections cannot be organized before this deadline, the ballot may be extended for a single period of three months.

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