Ali Fazal congratulated on the release of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, Gal Gadot spoke- Miss You

In this era of corona transition, no major film is avoiding release in theater. ‘Sooraj Pe Mangal Bhari’ has been released in theaters on the occasion of Diwali. But amidst the brunt of the infection and the lukewarm response from the audience, ‘Wonder Woman’ Gal Gadot is once again beating her heart. This year ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ will be released on the occasion of Christmas. It has been announced by Gal Gadot himself. Interestingly, Guddu Bhaiya i.e. Ali Fazal of ‘Mirzapur’ congratulated Gal on this, to which Gal Gadot has also thanked him.

Ali and Gal have worked together

Ali Fazal and Gal Gadot shot ‘Death on the Nile’ together in London a year ago. Both seem to have a good friendship. That’s why as soon as Gal announced the release of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, Ali also wrote on his tweet, ‘Best of Lag Gall. This is going to be great. Everyone is waiting for this scientific fiction. In response, Gal Gadot also wrote, ‘Thank you. Miss you!’

Ali shared this photo in the past

Well a few weeks ago, Ali Fazal shared a photo of ‘Den on the Nile’ on Instagram. In this, Gal Gadot is also seen with him on the boat.

Will be able to watch ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ sitting at home for free

Earlier, Hollywood actress Gal Gadot announced on Twitter that ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ will be released on December 25, 2020 on US theaters and HBO Max. The film’s release was postponed earlier due to a corona infection. For the fans of ‘Wonder Woman’, this news is no less than a gift. The special thing is that the film will be able to be seen on HBO Max for free for a month after its release, while it will be charged a rental price later.

Gail released statement on Twitter

In his statement on Twitter, Gal Gadot wrote, ‘The time has come. We all have eagerly awaited this day. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this film. I never thought that we would have to wait so much for the release of this film. But Kovid-19 has shaken the world of all of us. You can see this film in theaters. Those people are doing a great job. On HBO Max, you can watch this film sitting in your homes. I love you all. Take care and don’t forget to wear a mask. Happy Holiday to everyone from our side.


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