Ali Merchant does not want to see Sara Khan’s face anymore, the advice said – don’t take limelight through me

Ali Merchant, who entered Lock Up as a wildcard, has come out after a long stay. He was released from jail by the host of the show, Kangana Ranaut, keeping Poonam Pandey in lock-up. However, the number of days he stayed, his name was mostly covered in the chargesheet. But it is said that how long the goat’s mother will celebrate well. That’s what happened. After being eliminated, he is now speaking his mind about the show and the contestants. At the same time, he has spoken openly on that too, when he was made fun of that he got lock up only because of his ex-wife Sara Ali Khan and he is moving ahead in the game by taking her name.

In a special conversation with Etimes, Ali told that he is very happy with his entire journey. ‘I am very happy. When I started on the show, I felt very lonely and felt like I was always being judged. And that’s how I was made to feel. They were also trying to kick me out of the game. But gradually I started building my relationship with everyone and won their hearts. Most importantly, I have won the hearts and the love of the audience.

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Ali became good friends in lock up
Talking about the new friends he made on the show, Ali said, “I will always be in touch with Zeeshan Khan and Munawwar Farooqui. I have formed a good bond with him. I know we will all meet and have fun together after the show. We have become very good friends. Because all three of us used to live together in Ramadan, we used to do Sehri and Iftar together. Had a lot of fun. After coming out of the lock-up, I met Zeeshan at a lunch party. Even after this we are in touch on phone calls. And planning to meet on Eid too.

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Ali Merchant spoke on Sara Khan
In the show, Ali was accused of using his ex Sara Khan and the controversies related to her. To this Ali said, ‘It was very difficult and painful that other contestants are making fun of the fact that I was on the show only because of my ex. I have moved on in my life and I wanted to make good use of the opportunity I got through the lock. I have absolutely no habit of lying to hide things. Now I have come out of the show and now I want to tell my ex that don’t take limelight through me. Ali further added that he only wants to focus on his work and never wants to see the face of his ex Sara Ali Khan.

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Ali Merchant will not do this work in life
Ali said that Sara never got public love nor did the contestants support her in the show. ‘I am not one to use others for my own benefit. I know many people in the industry who do this to be in the limelight. And unfortunately such a controversy has happened with me in the past that it was not my fault. I don’t want to give him any importance now. I am doing very well and am in a very good stage of life. I never want to see the face of my ex in my life.


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