Alia Bhatt’s beauty secret is hidden in these 5 beauty tips, you too can work

Alia Bhatt is counted among the top actresses of Bollywood. There is a lot of praise for his acting. At the same time, people are crazy about their beauty. Aaliyah gives great importance to her fitness. Despite a very busy lifestyle, there are some tips that she definitely follows.

Do not drink water immediately after meals
Aaliya does not drink water immediately after eating. Ayurveda also states that one should not consume too much water immediately after a meal or during a meal. If thirst is too much, then one to two sips of water should be consumed. If you feel thirsty during a meal, you should try to calm it down by eating salad or eating curd and raita included in the meal.

High fiber intake
Aaliya tries to take as much fiber in her daily diet. This helps in increasing the glow on the skin and energy in the body. In one of her Instagram posts, Alia had said that eating fruits is very important to stay healthy.

Use of home remedies
As far as skin care is concerned, Aaliya likes home remedies more. Although she also uses other beauty products. Lia often shares her skin care hebit with her fans.

Dinner before the sun sets
Aaliya takes full care of her digestive system. She likes to eat dinner before the sun sets.

Tea Coffee Abandoned
Alia Bhatt has recently revealed that she does not wake up in the morning and drink tea or coffee. According to media reports, Alia’s decision to wake up in the morning and not drink tea or coffee is associated with skin care.

Tell us that tea and coffee contain caffeine which damages your skin. The kind of effect that caffeine has on your body after reaching the body, it works to reduce the natural glow of your skin.

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