Alia Bhatt’s ghoulish blood on gangrape in Hathras, wrote- cut off her tongue but could not silence her

The gang-rape incident with a 19-year-old girl in Hathras has rocked the country once again. People are getting angry on this incident on social media continuously, which includes celebrities from Akshay Kumar to Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma. Now Alia Bhatt has also condemned this incident in her own words.

Alia Bhatt has raised her voice demanding justice for the gang-rape victim, who finally succumbed to her life while fighting for life and death. Alia has expressed her anger against the incident on Instagram Story in words.

He wrote, ‘They cut off his tongue but they could not silence him. Today she is speaking as the voice of billions of people. ‘ With this, he has tagged #Hathras.

Priyanka Chopra has also expressed her displeasure against this incident. He has questioned through a post that how much will Nirbhaya be and how many years will it take?


Earlier, even stars like Akshay Kumar to Kangana Ranaut have written against this painful incident. Akshay Kumar wrote on Twitter, ‘I am angry and upset seeing this cruel incident in Hathras. Our law should be so strict that by thinking about the punishment, the rapists tremble with fear. These accused should be hanged.

Kangana Ranaut tweeted, demanding justice for the victim on the incident, ‘These rapists should be shot in public. What is the final solution to such a gang rape that is increasing every year? What a sad and shameful day for the country. We should not be able to save our baby girl, we should be ashamed. ‘

15 days after the incident, the girl died in Delhi’s AIIMS Hospital. A sense of bewilderment with the child can be gauged from the fact that the girl could not open her tongue, so her tongue was cut off. He did not walk to his house and broke his backbone. After the gang-rape incident, the hospitalized girl was sensed 9 days later. After she regained consciousness, she could not speak anything with her chopped tongue. Explained the condition that happened to me in gestures.


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