All about the Grand Secret

There is a lot of noise these days about a “documentary” denouncing a global conspiracy that the Covid epidemic is a vast scam orchestrated by who you know to serve the interests of who you know.

→ READ. “Hold-Up”: the Covid through the prism of the conspiracy

I am able to reveal that this denunciation of a global conspiracy is itself the fruit of an intergalactic conspiracy in the service of whom you do not know (at least not yet), this conspiracy itself being fabricated and manipulated by a cube plot whose secret goal is to control the manufacture and interplanetary dissemination of plots of all kinds, taking ten percent in the process, in order to run to the maximum of its capacities the gigantic plot factory located in the outer suburbs of Jupiter.

“I saw it on the Internet”

Now you are going to ask me who is behind the conspiracy plot and the conspiracy plot. I’m coming. Have you ever wondered why white cheese is white when chocolate cream is chocolate colored? Think carefully. White on one side, chocolate color on the other. And not the other way around. You are going to tell me that my question makes no sense, that the answer is so obvious that it is just ridiculous to ask it. Really ? Are you sure?

And this is how we miss the Big Secret of the Explanation of the Why of the How of the World Walk. As far as I’m concerned, I won’t say more. I do not want to burn my sources.


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