Alps: a backcountry skier found dead in an avalanche near Mont Tabor, in Isère

The 57-year-old had gone hiking alone on Saturday morning. Despite having good equipment, he was surprised by an avalanche and fell over 400 meters.

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A cross-country skier was found dead on Monday January 15 under an avalanche in the Alps, near Mount Tabor (Isère), reports France Bleu Isère. The 57-year-old man had gone hiking on Saturday morning. Without news of him on Sunday, his family raised the alarm. The gendarmes of the PGHM of Isère had found his car at the start of the hike but as night approached, the rescue services were interrupted at 8 p.m. on Sunday.

Monday, in the early morning, the gendarmes spot a flow of snow in the Chamoussière corridor. Under about thirty centimeters of snow, they discover the body of the skier. It was his avalanche victim detection device (DVA) that enabled the gendarmes to locate him. Despite good equipment, this 50-year-old was surprised by an avalanche and fell over 400 meters.

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