Alzheimer’s disease, dementias: these early signs that should alert

OUR HEALTH ADVICE – About 1.2 million people in France live with a cognitive disorder that jeopardizes their autonomy. How do you identify emerging dementia? Answer with two experts.

A grandmother who never remembers your first name, an uninhibited uncle who unfiltered your four truths, an elderly neighbor who mows his lawn every day at the same time … We have all crossed paths, at one point in our lives , a person with dementia, sometimes without suspecting it. And for good reason, these neurocognitive disorders strike relatively often. In France, more than 1.2 million people are currently affected, two-thirds of them by Alzheimer’s disease, according to an article published in 2019 in a specialized journal. More specifically, about one in five people over 75 is affected, and nearly half of nonagenarians. Rather discreet at first, these disorders worsen over the years. Hence the interest in knowing how to spot them early in order to prepare for the future.

The term dementia is often misunderstood by the general public, whereas in medicine it is absolutely not a synonym for ” madness ”, it means ” neurodegeneration ” “, wants to clarify

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