Alzheimer’s disease: no age limit for adopting the right reflexes

DECRYPTION – Even after the age of 65, a healthy lifestyle significantly reduces the risk of developing dementia.

Eating balanced, “moving”, banishing cigarettes, limiting alcohol, soliciting your brain: the magic formula of health prevention is well known. It protects our arteries, shields against diabetes, certain cancers and strokes. But also, according to a growing body of research, protects against dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. According to a study just published in the British Medical Journal this virtuous diet proportionally reduces the number of years spent with this pathology, while the average lifespan tends to lengthen.

The work of researchers at Rush Medical University Center in Chicago is based on data from about 10,000 people, aged 65 and older when scientists began tracking them. The lifestyle of the participants is then scrutinized on 5 criteria: good eating habits, physical activity practiced more than 150 minutes per week, intellectual stimulation through readings, visits…

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