Amandine Petit, Miss Normandy, is crowned Miss France 2021

Amandine Petit, Miss Normandy, was crowned Miss France 2021, at the end of the ceremony taking place in Puy-du-Fou (Vendée). The 23-year-old Calvadosienne was not yet among the favorites, and preceded Miss Provence, who she had the favors of the forecasts, in the last vote. This second-year master’s student in management of gerontological establishments and structures, which could lead her to become director of an nursing home, made an impression during her speech: small in name but big in ambition. “

“I want to show that we can be a Miss without fuss. I am a very simple person but who lives an enchanted parenthesis with glitter in my eyes”, she confided to Liberté-Le Bonhomme Libre newspaper. It is undoubtedly this freshness that seduced the jury and the voters, whose votes counted for 50% of the final result.

The ceremony took place in a particular setting due to the coronavirus epidemic: no audience, 400 people in attendance, including 80 guests, a jury of 11 former Misses separated by plexiglass windows, even the recorded applause broadcast to delude ourselves have not completely succeeded in giving an impression of normalcy to this ceremony. The 29 participants had to live for several weeks in a sanitary bubble and were tested every day.

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