American election: in the streets of Philadelphia, excitement follows anxiety

It’s around 11:30 a.m. Saturday, November 6, in the parking lot of a landscaping company in Philadelphia, PA. Journalists, gathered in the middle of farm vehicles to attend a press conference by Donald Trump’s lawyers, are starting to get excited. The CNN channel and the Associated Press agency have both just handed over Pennsylvania to Joe Biden, the crowning “president elect” of the United States.

In the lobby, a small group of somewhat embarrassed Trumpist supporters learn the news. Quickly, a dozen Democrats land on the sidewalk opposite to express their joy – and taunt those they call the “losers” (losers).

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“It’s the greatest relief I have ever felt. A big weight flew off my shoulders. I find faith in humanity ”, cowardly Glenna Bobb, come with her dog in case of “Violence” on the other side. She will not have to use it: the altercations between the two sides, separated by the street, police officers and their vehicles (including a bus for detainees), will only remain verbal.

“I am relieved for my daughter and her friends who are not white”

In the rest of the very democratic city of Philadelphia, cradle of the United States constitution and the scene since November 3 of a count that was very followed and contested by the lawyers of the Trump campaign, the relief is palpable. The anxiety of the last days – and the past four years – gives way to tears of joy, hugs, honking and open bottles of champagne in the street. In the shadow of the majestic city hall of downtown “Philly”, the crowd sings “USA, USA, USA” and the tunes of Bruce Springsteen.

Vera, her eyes red with emotion, is especially proud of the fact that Pennsylvania and its 20 top voters was the state that tipped the presidential election in favor of Joe Biden. “This is my first time voting in Pennsylvania. When I went to the polling station, I joked with the volunteers asking them to make my vote count. They heard me, it seems! “

I am relieved for my daughter and her friends who are not white like her. They can hope to live in a more tolerant America now. And then, we have a woman vice-president for the first time (Kamala Harris, Editor’s note). This will give him a strong example in life ”, says Maria Borden, accompanied by her 14-year-old daughter. His program for the day: “Dance, dance and dance! “.

“Take back our country”

→ PORTRAIT. Kamala Harris, the first black vice president in U.S. history

The joy of Joe Biden’s supporters is commensurate with the disappointment of Donald Trump’s supporters. “We were robbed of the election, launches Laura. The media do not have the authority to declare the winner. They can say whatever they want. We are fighters. We will fight for our president and take back our country ”.

Like other Trumpist supporters met in front of the press conference site, between the premises of a baseball association and a pornographic literature store, she does not hide her anger against journalists and Democrats. Maggy Hernandez, a pro-Trump evangelical, came to pray ” for peace “… And Donald Trump. “This election was stolen from us. Our country was founded on the ideal of freedom, no one should attack our rights. But I am confident she says. Donald Trump will be kept in power because people of faith pray for him. He will have four more years of grace. “


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