An apocalyptic farce

Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial

by Adam McKay

on netflix

An America in full denial while a huge comet hits our planet threatening to destroy humanity: this is the (joyful?) Entertainment orchestrated in the style of farce for the end of the year by an Adam McKay (Vice, The Big Short) in great form. The alert may well be given by the very serious professor of astronomy Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his doctoral student Kate Dibiaski (Jennifer Lawrence) of the University of Michigan, and their calculations corroborated by the best specialists in the country, nor the President of the United States (Meryl Streep) worried about her re-election, nor the media focused on the daily soap opera of the two songstars split-up seem to take the measure of what is happening. Our two scientists, allies of the person in charge of the mysterious but very real “planetary defense coordination office” of NASA, will do everything to convince them of the urgency of making decisions to avoid the announced apocalypse.

We can see in this parody of the classic Hollywood disaster film, Led to Hell, a simple allegory on Trumpist America and its doubts vis-à-vis climate change as the existence of a recent virus. . Adam McKay does not stop at this Manichean vision to make people laugh (which is the case) but indulges through it in a ruthless satire of our contemporary societies and their media and ideological hysteria. Once the impending catastrophe is more or less accepted by all, it will be used, manipulated, politicized and finally recovered by a billionaire with prophetic accents – hilarious clone of Elon Musk – until it loses all reality and leads to collective blindness. It’s funny, squeaky, a little too long but served by a top-of-the-range cast which visibly gives it to their hearts content and draws us into their unbridled fantasy.


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