An argument to mobilize youth

Minneapolis (Minnesota)

From our special correspondent

Five months after the tragedy, the Floyd affair no longer occupies the front of the stage. In the home stretch of the race for the White House, the pandemic dominates the debates, while the country now has more than 220,000 dead. However, a video released in mid-October by the Biden clan shows that the death of George Floyd remains a mobilizing event. This is the opinion of Democratic strategists, who have chosen to stage Bridgett Floyd, the sister of the deceased. She appears in this short message – around thirty seconds – in which she recalls that the Democratic candidate has contacted his family and expressed his consideration. “He was there to listen,” she said. Biden is the change we need. “ Bridgett Floyd’s message is simple: “Vote! “. And the calculation of the Democrats limpid: they know that the defections within the African-American electorate played an important role in the defeat of Hillary Clinton in 2016. Particularly in Wisconsin, neighboring state of Minnesota and hit by a police blunder , in Kenosha, last August. It is also about mobilizing American youth. “The death of George Floyd changed the nature of ‘Black Lives Matter’, analysis Tristan Cabello, Lecturer in American Civilization at Johns Hopkins University. It is now a movement that has integrated several causes. It is no longer a question of the fight against racism, but of a broader questioning of what America is today, including the climate, etc. “ However, for Joe Biden, it is not a question of making it a major axis of the campaign. The “Black Lives Matter” movement, very popular this summer, has lost its aura, even if it is impossible to disentangle the responsibilities of each other in the violence that followed the mobilizations. And Donald Trump has made riots the centerpiece of his law and order strategy.

This convergence of struggles helped Joe Biden, because it mobilized a youth that was actually much more enthusiastic about Bernie Sanders than the Democratic candidate. A European observer stationed in Washington noted this summer that the demonstrators who took to the streets after the death of George Floyd resembled the crowd at Bernie Sanders meetings. Useful in the campaign, this support could, in the event of victory on November 3, prove to be more difficult to manage then for Joe Biden: he will have to provide concrete elements of response. For now, he’s been fairly evasive about what he intends to do to prevent further George Floyd business.


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