An investigation opened after the discovery of insulting tags on churches in the Somme

Insulting inscriptions were found Thursday, February 10 on the walls of the churches of the municipalities of Barleux, Brie, Flaucourt and Éterpigny, located near Péronne (Somme).

“These are similar inscriptions on each of the four buildings, with a sex drawn and the inscription“charo” » attached to the name of the parish priest, therefore seeming to designate him, explained the public prosecutor of Amiens, Alexandre de Bosschère.

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“An investigation for damage to public property and defamation has been opened and entrusted to the Péronne gendarmerie brigade. Investigations are underway, in particular technical and scientific police investigations, to try to identify the perpetrator(s) of these facts.he continued.

The priest sues for defamation

The meaning of these tags is not yet very clear. According to the spokesperson for the gendarmerie, it could be slang. In this case, the term “charo” is associated “to someone who seeks to establish romantic relationships with several people”, he added. On the four religious buildings, the inscriptions are of the same color (red) and “suggest a common author”, said the spokesperson. No suspect has yet been identified.

The priest mentioned in the tags has filed a complaint for defamation. And three of the mayors of the municipalities concerned have filed a complaint for willful degradation. The fourth should follow in the coming days.

“I condemn these defamatory acts both for the church, a sacred place, but also for the priest targeted. I give him my full support.”told The cross the Bishop of Amiens, Mgr Gérard Le Stang. He adds that there is no investigation into this priest who “does an outstanding job”. The Amiens prosecutor confirms: “No complaint or information likely to implicate this priest has been brought to the attention of the prosecution or the gendarmerie services. No investigation is under way concerning him. »


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