An unprecedented teleportation within a quantum network

STORY – An experiment carried out in the laboratory proves that it could be possible to link two quantum computers together.

If the promises of quantum computing are gigantic, the difficulties facing scientists are no less great. There is at least one profound reason for this: all the potential of this new field comes precisely from the “quantum” nature of information which is by its very nature extremely fragile. It is both difficult to maintain over time, impossible to measure without destroying it, and therefore very difficult to handle.

This is why a recent study published in the journal Nature marks an important milestone: a renowned team from the University of Delft has succeeded in transferring a quantum bit (or qubit) from point A to point C of a network of three nodes A, B and C where A and C were not connected to each other. This provides proof of principle that it may one day be possible to network quantum computers.

“It’s a job that’s still pretty basic for now, because there aren’t any computers yet…

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