Anaïde RozamThe movie revelation on Instagram

She had warned by SMS: “I live at 5e no elevator, it stings! “ We expected to arrive tired, a little less to leave breathless. Anaïde Rozam has this strength of soul which takes energy from you but gives you it in return. The kind that goes from rooster to donkey in minutes, all of a sudden citing Bacri’s game and that slightly drunk guy who recognized her in the middle of the evening crowd. She often says, “I speak too fast”, a smile on his lips, the vapor of an electronic cigarette between his teeth.

In fact, the actual Anaïde Rozam is quite similar to the virtual Anaïde Rozam. A funny girl and on all fronts, who one day we would like to count in his group of friends. At the risk, all the same, of being caricatured on his social networks. For two and a half years, this actress has posted absolutely funny videos on Instagram. She gently sketches the faults of her contemporaries, sometimes invented, often inspired. An accent, an accessory or an intonation are enough for her to take on the role of Magali, the nonchalant unemployed woman, Brenda, the young adult who wants to “To break faces”, or Corine, the intolerant mother. “Corine, for example, it’s a bit like my mother”, has fun this only girl, who does not stop praising her parents.

Born in the 11e arrondissement of Paris of a child psychiatrist father and a mother accountant for an association, Anaïde likes to define herself “50/50”, half French, half Moroccan. From Casablanca and Ouarzazate, where her mother comes from, she picked up a small stock of words. “But I don’t speak Arabic, it’s a shame. I want to learn. With my cousins, at the moment, we’re in a bit of style DNA (Maïwenn’s last film which deals with identities, Editor’s note), like a look back at the origins ”, she confides from her apartment under the roof, in the 3e arrondissement of Paris, the first of his life. Always a cine reference in the mouth – the camera has its preference – Anaïde, 24 years old, is far from the one who, at 5 years old, did only imitations in front of her mother. With nearly half a million subscribers on the counter, she seduces within her generation by playing with the codes of social networks, style short videos and handling slang. To the point of hastily sticking the title of influencer to her. She doesn’t want it: “Instagram is just a CV. Me, I want to be an actress. “

On this platform where appearance is king, Anaïde is keen to keep a certain simplicity. Always rejects the commercial offers offered. Without make-up, alternating shot and reverse shot, she always films herself very closely, no matter the small imperfections or the semblance of a double chin. One way, she says, to protect herself. “I didn’t want to be criticized on my T-shirt or my chest. I wanted us to focus only on my facial expressions. ” A rocky voice, we also discover her singing talents, trying from time to time to a one-to-one video with her piano. “But in real life, I’m way too shy to play in front of others. “

On social networks, she refuses to engage in publications. Prefers to keep his opinions to his private circle. However, she admits to being touched by feminism, even if she confesses little cultivation on the subject. “I don’t have the basic readings. But I really hope to evolve in a world where men will no longer have the superiority they have today. “ She remembers a bad experience in her old theater school, a director a little “Patriarch” which almost broke his dreams of young adult. “I advise all young actors to get started on social networks and not depend on anyone. Thanks to that I can say it: I made myself all alone. “ Done, well. Her humor and her facial expressions have captivated the gratin of young actors, from Pierre Niney to Adèle Exarchopoulos, including Leïla Bekhti… who put her in contact a year ago with her artistic agency. Since then, Anaïde has been going through the castings and being familiar with her childhood dream. Even though she continues to have a few sleepless nights: “I am naturally anxious and perfectionist. “

After being honored in the series Clothilde is making a movie on Canal +, she will take the lead role in a production by Carine May and Hakim Zouhani, a hopeful green provincial who arrives as a teacher in a difficult school in Seine-Saint-Denis. She also shot a supporting role in a film by Roschdy Zem and Maïwenn, and small scenes for The Olympics by Jacques Audiard, which will be released by the end of the year. The last few weeks her days have been a little calmer, but she admits, ” I’m beginning to be fed up with it “. This semblance of tranquility goes badly to Anaïde Rozam, definitely all fired up.


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