Angoulême Festival: Brazilian Marcello Quintanilha wins the Fauve d’or for the album “Listen, pretty Marcia”

The 2022 edition of the Angoulême Festival rewarded a tireless chronicler of Brazilian life. Marcello Quintanilha won the Fauve d’or on Saturday March 19 with Listen, pretty Marcia (editions Here and There). This graphic novel depicts the life of a nurse in a chaotic Rio favela.

The France Télévisions Public Prize was awarded to Léa Murawiek for The Great Void (2024 editions). In her first album, the young author demonstrates a striking mastery to portray a dystopian society in which not being famous on social networks is punishable by death.

The Canadian Julie Doucet, author of “underground” comics who had never run after recognition, had for her part received the Grand Prix of the Angoulême Festival on Wednesday. Aged 56, Julie Doucet is best known for the fanzines she wrote some thirty years ago, Dirty Plotte, expressionists or even trash. Having become almost impossible to find, and an object of worship for many designers, this work was brought back to light in November thanks to its publication in one volume by the French publisher L’Association.

Here is the full list:

• Fauve d’or: Listen, pretty Marcia by Marcello Quintanilha (editions Here and There)

• Special Jury Fauve: of the living by Raphaël Meltz, Louise Moaty and Simon Roussin (2024 editions)

• Fawn of the series: Spirou, hope despite everything #3 by Emile Bravo (Dupuis editions)

• Beast of audacity: A familiar face by Michael Deforge (Atrabile editions)

• Fauve revelation: Underground Life by Camille Lavaud Benito (editions The hammerhead sharks)

• Heritage Fawn: Stick Rubber Baby by Howard Cruse (Casterman editions)

• Fauve public prize France televisions: The Great Void by Léa Murawiec (2024 editions)

• polar fawn: The Notch by Antoine Maillard (Editions Cornélius)

• Eco-wild: Megantica train in the night by Anne-Marie Saint-Cerny and Christian Quesnel (Ecosociété editions)

• Fauve Youth Prize 8-12 years old: Warrior shepherdesses #4 by Jonathan Garnier and Amélie Fléchais (Glénat editions)

• Fauve Youth Prize 12-16 years old: Snapdragon by Kat Leyh (Kinaye editions)

• Fawn of high school students: Yojimbot #1 by Sylvain Repos (Dargaud editions)

• Fauve from the alternative comic strip: Bento by Radio as Paper (France)

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