Anhedonia: when life unfolds without pleasure

PSYCHOLOGY – This symptom of depression cuts the patient off from the sensation of pleasure. It can lead him to isolate himself, for lack of interest in social interactions.

The last start of the school year was particularly trying for Hugo. The law student suffered in quick succession a breakup, an argument with his group of friends, an injury that prevented him from playing his sport and health measures that isolated him even more. The deconfinement at the end of November had no noticeable effect on his mood. “I wasn’t going to college anymore, which isn’t like me at all. I no longer saw anyone, including my parents. I stayed home moping. I no longer had any fun for nothing. I even gave up my PlayStation when I usually love to play it ”, testifies the young Bordelais. He finally consulted a psychiatrist who asked about his situation: anhedonia.

Created by the French psychologist Théodule Ribot in 1896, the neologism comes from the Greek “a” (without) and “hêdonê” (pleasure). This symptom, which is found in depression and other mental illnesses, is characterized by an inability to feel pleasure,

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