Animal abuse: L214 announces filing a complaint against a turkey slaughterhouse in Morbihan

In addition to the complaint for “mistreatment of animals by professionals”, the association is broadcasting a video to show the conditions of transport and slaughter.

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The L214 association announces that it is filing a complaint for “professional mistreatment of animals” against the Ronsard turkey slaughterhouse in Faouët (Morbihan), France Bleu Armorique reported on Friday July 30. This complaint, which must be filed with the public prosecutor of Lorient, follows a new video released by the organization which fights for the protection of animals. It shows the conditions of transport and slaughter of turkeys in this establishment.

In this footage aired Friday, we see hundreds, maybe thousands of turkeys left overnight in these cages. “lowercase”, according to the association. “L214 discreetly went there at the beginning of July and saw that no less than ten trucks, filled with piled up turkeys, were waiting in the slaughterhouse courtyard without any shelter for the animals, subjected to bad weather in winter and summer. “, described the structure. “Some trucks were parked for more than seven hours”, she added, estimating “that this slaughterhouse, which belongs to the Breton cooperative agro-food group Eureden, slaughters 100,000 turkeys per week”.

In the rest of the video, in the early hours of the morning, the turkeys are slaughtered. Corn “for 10 minutes, the slaughter line is stopped, leaving the turkeys hanging, conscious, in full pain”, again denounced the association.

L214 has also announced that it is filing “a formal complaint to the European Commission” and one “liability action against the State for failure to fulfill its mission of monitoring the application of the regulations”. The organization also requested a general audit in all turkey slaughterhouses in order to “check the size of transport crates, the presence of shelters for animals waiting at the slaughterhouse and the conformity of slaughter lines”.

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