Animal welfare: the 27 want harmonized labeling within the European Union

The European agriculture ministers approved this principle at European Union level on Tuesday. The labeling must mention the conditions of breeding, transport and slaughter.

No precise criteria or timetable have been set, but the twenty-seven countries of the European Union want harmonized labeling within the Union on animal welfare. European agriculture ministers unanimously approved this principle on Tuesday, December 15.

They recommend identifying “specific criteria” on animal welfare to develop labels for farmed foods, including “insisting on the need to go beyond current European requirements”, said the Council, an organization representing member states, in a statement. They offer “gradually include all species of farm animals in the coverage of this labeling “, which would concern their entire lifespan, including transport and slaughter.

For now, ministers have simply agreed to ask the European Commission to prepare a proposal for extensive labeling across the Union with tougher standards.

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