Anirudh Dave’s condition in ICU is critical, wife leaves husband of 2 months and reaches Bhopal

Popular film and TV actor Aniruddh Dave (Corona positive) is Corona positive and is currently battling to the death. Anirudh’s infection has spread more than usual in his body and he is currently admitted in an ICU in a hospital in Bhopal.

For Aniruddh Dave, where his friends are praying for a quick recovery, through social media, fans are giving updates related to actor’s health, while actor’s wife is also going through a difficult time.

Shubhi is handling her son and Kovid positive husband

Anirudh Dave’s wife and actress Shubhi Ahuja gave birth to the child two months ago and now after the husband is ill, she has to struggle a lot between her and the child’s care. Shubhi Ahuja gave birth to a son on 14 February this year. She is referring to the situation she is going through after her husband Anirudh’s health worsened and how she is trying to take care of her 2-month-old son as well as her husband, on her Instagram account.

‘Leaving 2-month-old son going to Anirudh’
Shubhi Ahuja has shared an old video on her Instagram story, in which Anirudh Dave is seen playing with son Anishka. In the post shared on Instagram, Shubhi Ahuja wrote, ‘I am going to Anirudh who is currently in a very serious condition and I had to come home leaving my 2-month-old son Anishka. This is the biggest challenge for me right now because on the one hand that 2 month old child who is completely dependent on me and on the other hand Anirudh also needs me. I also have to be with Anirudh at this time. ‘

‘Anishak’s father needs your prayers’
Shubhi Ahuja further wrote, ‘This is the most difficult time of my life. Please pray. I beg every close, our friends, family members and Anirudh’s fans to please pray for them. Right now my Anirudh and Anishka’s father are in great need of your prayers. Together we can fix it. You all pray for his recovery. ‘

Decreasing oxygen level, 80 percent infection in lungs
Let me tell you that on April 23, the Corona report of Anirudh Dave came positive. At that time, he was shooting a web series in a village near Bhopal. After being corona positive, Anirudh Dave was isolated at a hotel there, but as his infection progressed, he was shifted to ICU. It is being told that Anirudh Dave’s infection in the lungs has reached 80 percent and his oxygen level is also decreasing.

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Anirudh’s father said, “Just praying”
According to our colleague Times of India, Anirudh Dave’s father and mother have left for Bhopal. When Anirudh’s father was asked about this, he said, “Right now we are just praying for his quick recovery. I do not understand what to say at this time. Just praying for him. We are leaving for Bhopal and will arrive by tomorrow morning. Shubhi has also left Kota for Anirudh’s pass.

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Mother-father spoke on video call, heart broke
Anirudh Dev’s sister and brother-in-law have also left for Bhopal. Even though Anirudh’s parents could not meet his son, he spoke through a video call. After talking, Anirudh Dave’s mother said, ‘In such a situation my heart is broken on seeing the son. Even after suffering so much, he somehow made a victory sign on my side. It was nice to see his fighting spirit and positive attitude. I felt as if you were saying that you do not worry, Mamma. everything will be alright. His oxygen level has fallen and infections in the lungs have also reached 80 per cent.

Anirudh shooting a web series in Bhopal, deteriorated health
On the other hand, Anirudh Dave’s special friend Ajay Singh Chaudhary, who is constantly in contact with the family and doctor of the actor, told our colleague Times of India that Anirudh became corona positive when he was shooting for the web series. Instead of going back to Mumbai, he decided to get treatment at a hospital in Bhopal. He was being treated in Bhopal itself, but recent reports have shown that his lung infection has increased more than usual.


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