Ankita Konwar B’Day: Ankita’s first boyfriend had died, Milind Soman took over

Ankita Konwar Birthday, wife of actor and model Milind Soman, is celebrating her 30th birthday on Monday, August 30. On Ankita’s birthday, we are going to unveil some secrets related to her life. After knowing this, you will fall in love with Milind and Ankita’s love story. Actually, Ankita has spoken openly about Milind and his love story from ‘Human of Bombay’ a few days ago. Ankita told in this special interview how she met Milind for the first time and then decided to live together for the rest of her life.

Ankita and Milind’s love story

Ankita Konwar and Milind Soman’s love story is no less than a fairy tale. The love story of both starts like this. Before Milind, Ankita had a boyfriend, due to whose death Ankita was broken. After which Ankita had even decided to leave the country. But destiny had something else approved. Ankita was sitting in the lobby of her hotel one day. There she met Milind Soman for the first time. Ankita didn’t realize right away that her first meeting with Milind would become a lifelong association.

Ankita and Milind are crazy about fitness
Both Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar are fitness junkies and are often seen working out, running, doing yoga together. Ankita is celebrating her birthday today, but the funniest thing will be to see how Milind wishes his wife a happy birthday. Ankita spoke openly in an interview given to ‘Human of Bombay’. Also told how his and Milind’s love story progressed.

Ankita used to work in the cabin crew of Air Asia
Ankita Konwar while talking to ‘Humans of Bombay’ says, ‘I had decided to leave the country after the death of my first boyfriend.’ Ankita used to work in Air Asia as a cabin crew in Malaysia. During that time Ankita’s boyfriend had died. Ankita says, ‘I was broken inside due to the death of my boyfriend. I had made up my mind to leave the country. One day I was sitting in the lobby of the hotel when I saw a tall, bumpy man. That man was Milind Soman.’

Was a fan of Milind Soman
Ankita further says, ‘I was a big fan of Milind Soman. On seeing Milind, I went to say Namaste, but he was very busy. A few days later I saw him again in the ‘nightclub’ of the hotel. I kept looking at him and he was also staring at me. My friends asked me to talk to him. I went to Milind and I asked do you want to dance? And started insisting them to dance. Milind and we felt very connected to each other.

Something like this was the first meeting of Ankita and Milind
Ankita says, ‘We both exchanged numbers and then we started talking to each other on our calls and messages. We used to meet often at dinner. But one day I told Milind about my ex boyfriend and also told that he is no longer in this world. After listening to Ankita, Milind said, ‘When I fell in love with you, I love everything about you. Even that part of your past. So fear not, we are in this together.’ Ankita says that after listening to Milind, it seemed that this person was made only for me.

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