Anokha Mandir: Unique offerings are being made in this temple for 30 years, you will also be surprised to know

Anokha Mandir: There is such a temple in Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh,  In which neither the idol of any deity nor any pandit-priest sits. But still people come here and bow their heads and ask for their wishes. The name of this temple is Sagas Bavji Man‍dir. Sagas Bavji has been called a Yaksha in the scriptures. People here say that the Yakshas are visible here. He shows the way to those who are astray. For this reason people come here from far and wide, so that they can get the right direction and live a happy life. This temple is built under a banyan tree on the roadside at Chirmoliya in the district.

This unique thing is offered in the offering
The offerings made by the devotees in this temple are very unique. Here devotees do not offer sweets and coconuts but watch in the offering. There is a belief behind this that those whose time is running bad or any trouble has come on them, then those people come here and offer the clock, so that their bad time ends.

Know what happens to the clocks
When the clocks are piled up in this temple, then they are thrown into the river here. No one can steal the clocks. The reason behind this is that if someone steals the watch, then from that time his bad time‍t starts.

Know what is special about this temple
The specialty of this temple is that there is no lock in the temple and no one can steal the clocks. There is a legend behind this that once a person stole five watches, he lost his eyesight. He told the people about his theft. Later he came here and climbed ten clocks, then after that he started seeing.

Vratis are fulfilled
It is said that whoever comes here with his vow is definitely fulfilled. Not only this, childless women also get the blessings of having a child. If something is lost, it is found by making a vow.

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