Anti-Covid vaccines: in addition to the health aspect, major geopolitical and economic issues

DECRYPTION – To maintain global stability and promote global trade, vaccination is of great importance in the face of Covid-19.

Vaccination is unique in that its benefit is not only individual but also collective. However, when the pandemic affects all countries in the world equally, as is the case with the Covid, how far does the community extend? Why should countries which now achieve relatively high immunization coverage, such as France, have an interest in promoting the widest possible immunization internationally – beyond the obvious moral imperative to protect a maximum number of people? ‘Human being?

Scientists have long highlighted the increased risk of the appearance of new, potentially more dangerous variants in populations with less vaccination. In fact, the more a virus circulates, the more random genetic mutations, a sort of coding “error”, multiply. Vaccination would therefore play a preventive role.

“International studies suggest that vaccination halves the risk of becoming infected with Sars-CoV-2, and my team believes that

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