Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Alia again shared the picture, this time people made some such comments

Bollywood filmmaker Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Alia Kashyap (Aaliyah Kashyap) is often in the news by sharing her photos on social media. Recently, she has come under the trolls’ target by sharing her photos in Under Garments. Aaliyah Kashyap Photos has shared another picture of him, on which his fans are luring him with love.

Alia Kashyap shared a picture on her Instagram account. In this, she is seen giving a cute pose. Alia Kashyap’s fans are making positive comments on this post. One fan wrote, ‘You are a queen, Alia Kashyap, don’t let the opponents bother you. We are with you. Another fan wrote, ‘This girl deserves love and positivity’.

Comment on Alia’s Insta post

Alia Kashyap shared a post on Instagram in the past. He wrote, ‘The last few weeks are really overshadowing my mental health. Ever since I shared my picture post in Under Garments, I have been getting a lot of dirty comments. I have not felt so scared over the last few weeks where I thought about deleting my Instagram account. I tried to ignore my exploitation but the truth is that there is a need to speak about it because such comments promote rape culture. Which affects all women in India and the rest of the world in a way. ‘

Alia Kashyap further wrote, ‘We think that there is a country which will march candles for a woman after sexual exploitation but will not protect her when a woman is alive. And the truth is that women in India grow up facing sexual abuse throughout their lives. When I was a minor, I was sexually abused by a middle-aged man. People with double standards exploited me and many other women. They pretend that they are taking morality to a height, but in reality they are going to promote rape culture. ‘


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