“Any fear must be put into perspective in relation to what awaits us”

These words echo, for me, one of the phrases of the Gospel that strikes me the most, when Jesus said to his disciples: ” Do not be afraid. “ The ultimate and fundamental fear of human beings is death. But for us believers, death is not the end of everything, but the passage into God. By definition, any fear, although sometimes legitimate, must be put into perspective in relation to what awaits us.

This pandemic has in no way wavered my faith, I believe that on the contrary it has greatly strengthened it. Lourdes is a high place of hope and resilience. We see a flow of sick people, in their body, their heart and their minds, who find here a reason to exist. When the shrine was closed a year ago, being able to support them through prayer was a tremendous boost. In this crisis, I felt an even stronger call to mission.

The personality of little Bernadette was also of an almighty help to me, because there is in this young girl a purity of heart, a freedom, a tenacity and a joie de vivre despite all adversities. I am convinced that what is being experienced in Lourdes – the fraternity between sick and able-bodied people, attention to vulnerability, the meeting of cultures which is lived not in the spirit of Babel but in that of Pentecost … – already has something to do with it. something, a flavor, of what everyone hopes for the world after. I remain convinced that there is never a tunnel without light, and that we must continue to trust in God who has never abandoned his people.


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