Apara Ekadashi 2022: Many special coincidences are not being made on Apara Ekadashi, Gajakesari in Pisces

Apara Ekadashi 2022, Achala Ekadashi 2022: Ekadashi fasting is considered very best. Ekadashi fasting has also been told in the story of Mahabharata. It is believed that Lord Krishna himself had told Yudhishthira and Arjuna about the importance of Ekadashi fasting.

Ekadashi falling in Krishna Paksha of Jyeshtha month is known as Apara or Achala Ekadashi. Which is falling on Thursday, 26 May 2022. On this day Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi are worshiped and worshiped according to the law. Some special coincidences are happening on this day. About whom let’s know-

Ekadashi is falling on Thursday
According to mythological belief, when the date of Ekadashi falls on Thursday, its importance increases manifold. According to the Panchang, May 26 is Thursday and the date of Ekadashi will remain till 10.55 am.

Thursday is Lord Vishnu’s favorite day
Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. According to the scriptures, worshiping Lord Vishnu on Thursday gives special benefits. Keeping fast and worshiping on this day brings happiness and prosperity in life.

Ayushman Yoga will be on Apara Ekadashi
According to the Panchang, there is a special coincidence on 26 May. Ayushman Yoga is being formed on the day of Ekadashi. This is auspicious yoga. That is, the fast of Ekadashi will be kept in auspicious yoga. Auspicious and auspicious works can also be done on this day.

Gajakesari Yoga will be formed in Pisces
According to astrology, Gajakesari Yoga is considered very auspicious. Gajakesari Yoga is formed when Jupiter and Moon are in conjunction. On May 26, the conjunction of Moon and Jupiter is being formed in Pisces, on this day Mars will also sit in this zodiac. The special thing is that Jupiter is also the lord of Pisces.

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