Apply eyeliner like this on Karva Chauth

Makeup Tips: Highlighting the eyes on Karva Chauth not only makes your eyes look very beautiful but it also completes your overall look. At the same time, eyeliner has a big role in eye makeup. Due to this, along with making the eyes look bigger, the makeup of your face also seems to balance. In such a situation, let us know some tips for applying eyeliner. Which will make your eyes look beautiful. Let’s know.

Apply eyeliner like this on Karva Chauth

simple and light eyeliner

Liquid or gel liner is required to apply this style. It is applied by drawing a thin line from the inner corner to the outer. In this way, you can apply eyeliner on this Karva Chauth, which will make your eyes look beautiful.

wing eyeliner

In this style, thick eyeliner shaped like a feather is applied in the upper corners of the eyes. This makes your eyes look very big, so in this way if yours is small then you can try wing eyeliner.

Cat Eyeline

To give a bold look to the eyes or if there is a party, then you can try this type of eyeliner. At the same time, to apply this eyeliner, the eyeliner is very thick in the corners of the eyes. In this way, if you apply eyeliner, then your eyes will look bold.

straight eyeliner

Straight eyeliner is used the most for a casual look. In this style, by applying eyeliner upwards, fill the empty space.

glitter eyeliner

Whether it is a wedding or a festive season, this type of look remains in trend. To create this look, outline the glitter liner on the simple eyeliner.

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