Apply this homemade pack on cracked heels in winter

Homemade Packs For Cracked Heels: In the winter season, women are very worried about their dry skin. In winter, not only the face but also the skin of the hands and feet starts cracking. At the same time, in winter, women are most prone to cracked heels. Due to this, not only does it become difficult to walk, but it also does not look good. You can include homemade packs in your skin care routine to get relief from cracked heels. This will not only keep the skin soft, but the problem of heel cracking will also reduce gradually. Here we will tell you about some homemade packs. Let’s know how to make homemade pack.

Make a pack with aloe vera gel- Make sure to scrub before applying the pack made of aloe vera gel on the feet.

material-Aloe Vera Gel 2 tsp, Glycerin 5 Drops, Coconut Oil 2 tsp

recipe- To make a pack, mix glycerin and coconut oil in aloe vera gel. After this, scrub the feet with this mixture and leave it for 15 minutes. After that wash your feet with clean water.

Make a pack with honey and tea tree oil- Some women do include tea tree oil in the care routine, but if you have any kind of problem with the skin, then do not use it.

material-Honey one spoon, Tea tree oil 3 drops, Coconut oil one spoon

recipe- Mix honey, tea tree oil and coconut oil well. After scrubbing and cleaning the feet, apply this pack on the heels. Leave it on the feet for 20 minutes, after that wash the feet with clean water.

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