Arbaaz Khan’s girlfriend Georgia created a ruckus on the internet, beach and pool pictures went viral

Arbaaz Khan’s girlfriend Georgia Andreani is dominant on social media. She has posted such pictures on Instagram which are becoming increasingly viral. Photographs of Georgia are on the beach and near the pool. He has also shared some of his interesting videos.

Whose road is Georgia looking forward to?

Arbaaz Khan’s girlfriend Georgia has posted pictures of havoc on Instagram. He has given captions with photographs. Looking at your path on the seashore.

Slain pose near the pool

Even before this, Georgia has posted photos in black bikini outside the swimming pool. Georgia is an Italian model and dancer. She has been active for work again after being at home for a lockdown.

Georgia with Arbaaz in lockdown

Georgia was with Arbaaz Khan during the lockdown. She has been sharing many videos of fun and cooking with Arbaaz. Georgia hit the headlines in 2018, when pictures of her with Arbaaz Khan went viral.

Arbaaz had said to date Georgia

Arbaaz Khan had told during an interview in 2019 that he is dating Georgia. Arbaaz and Georgia do not hide proximity from each other. Georgia is also seen in Arbaaz’s Family Functions.

Georgia gave this answer on marriage

On the question of marriage to Arbaaz Khan, Georgia had said that when you connect with a famous person, you have to face such questions. Georgia said that she did not mind all these things.


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