Are the symptoms of long Covid simply “a feeling of fatigue and difficulty in breathing”?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – While Emmanuel Macron alerted to this prolonged form of Covid-19 on Monday, August 2, many Internet users criticized him for minimizing the symptoms.

THE QUESTION. Monday August 2, Emmanuel Macron invested in social networks and decided to respond directly to the questions of the French. Among the subjects mentioned, including vaccination, the president mentioned the long Covid: “A lot of young people can be struck by this, that is, you don’t necessarily end up in the emergency room, but for months and months you feel tired and have difficulty breathing. It happens, there too, I saw it“.

For associations and victims of this prolonged form of the disease, the words of the President of the Republic are mixed. Some are happy that the subject finally arrives on the table, while others believe that the symptoms have been minimized: “It is far from being a simple “feeling of fatigue” it is rather a real handicap on a daily basis for more than a year for some.», We can read on Twitter. But then, can the long Covid simply boil down to a “feeling tired” and “from

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