Are we all receptive to hypnosis?

PSYCHOLOGY – To access a hypnotic state, the will to let go and the confidence granted to the practitioner must be present.

In a survey carried out in 2019 by Harris Interactive for Santéclair, a health orientation platform, 9% of French people declared that they had already consulted a practitioner in the field of hypnosis. Half of them even used it at least once a year and 14% at least once a month. Hypnosis consultations have also made inroads in certain hospital departments, particularly in Pain Assessment and Treatment Centres. Relieved of the tinsel of its theatrical version, hypnosis now appears for what it is: a technique that “leads the subject to an altered state of consciousness, with multiple clinical applications”noted Inserm in 2015 (“Evaluation of the effectiveness of the practice of hypnosis”). “Thus, it can be used for different purposes, including analgesic, sedative and psychotherapeutic”, the experts said. But are each of us receptive to it?

“Anyone who really wants to use…

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