Are you taking vitamin D supplements? For effective results, you should adopt these tips

For healthy functioning of the body, you should fulfill all the necessary nutrients. Therefore, experts always recommend eating a balanced diet. Adequate intake of every important nutrient helps in the functioning of various organs. Most people fail to get all the nutrients in the right amount. There can be many reasons behind this, including the type of diet, non-healthy food, lack of food.

One of the many common drawbacks is vitamin D deficiency. The sunshine vitamin is responsible for the restoration of healthy bones and teeth because it increases the absorption of calcium from the diet. Apart from this, vitamin D is also responsible for healthy immune system.

Vitamin D deficiency can cause symptoms such as muscle weakness, fatigue, pain, depression, lower back pain, frequent infections. Your doctor writes supplements to correct this deficiency. To make your supplements effective, you need to follow some advice.

Vitamin D deficiency – tips to tackle

Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal has shared some tips on Instagram. It should be kept in mind while taking vitamin D supplements. He wrote, “To combat deficiency in an effective way, you need to start with the right food. Maximum vitamins should include a good amount of quality fat in the diet for ideal vitamin D intake.

So, look at a fat-free diet and add a splendid amount of home-grown ghee, home-made butter, nuts, raw condensed oil and dairy. Ghani oil is called. He further explained that exercise regularly, follow a healthy lifestyle and eat the right food to see the magical effect of the supplements used.

Food sources to get Vitamin D

Your body produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Some sources of food include fatty fish such as salmon, egg yolk, mushrooms and fortified food.

Effects of high levels of vitamin D

High levels of vitamin D in the body can cause side-effects such as nausea, vomiting, kidney problems, weakness and frequent urination. Before adding vitamin D supplements to your diet, seek the help of a doctor and it should be consumed as mentioned.

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