Are you your partner’s first choice? Find out from these signs

Relationship Tips in Hindi: There are times in a relationship when it seems that the partner no longer loves as before. This feeling bothers everyone. Being the second choice of the partner in the relationship hurts the heart. It also makes one feel less important in itself. By understanding some signs, you can know whether you are the first choice of partner or not. With this you can try to understand where the problem is in the relationship.

Don’t make special feel If your partner never plans anything special for you, then it means that they do not make you feel special. If he makes plans to go somewhere or do something at the last minute every time, then it shows that he is not very excited about hanging out with you.

Late reply to message- Sometimes it is normal to reply late to messages because it is understandable when you are busy at work. But if this happens often, then understand that there is something black in the lentils. If your partners are not responding to your messages despite appearing online, then it means that your messages are not that important for them.

Cancellation of plan If you have become their second choice, then it is obvious that they must be trying to ignore you. Every time he would cancel the plans to meet you or do something together, for some reason or the other. If this is happening to you then it is a sign that your importance is decreasing now.

forgetting things- When we are in love with someone, we take care of every small and big thing related to our partner. But if you are not someone’s first choice, then they forget the things that have been told about you many times before. This happens because they do not listen carefully to you or the things related to you. By paying attention to these signs, you can take the right decision for yourself.

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