Artificial snow at the 2022 Olympics: “Why are we the only ones to be stigmatized?” Asks Martin Fourcade

There are “100% of human activities that have an impact on our planet”, says the Olympic biathlon champion on the controversy over 100% artificial snow in Beijing.

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The five-time Olympic biathlon champion Martin Fourcade wonders Friday February 4 on France Inter “Why [les skieurs sont] the only ones to be stigmatized when 100% of human activities have an impact on our planet”responding to the controversy over the Winter Olympics which begin Friday in China with 100% artificial snow.

“It is also a chimera to think that in France we ski on natural snow. 90% of French ski resorts are equipped with snow cannons”recalls the champion. I’m not saying it’s good, but why is artificial snow stigmatized?”

“We use electricity to turn water into snow by sending it into the air, but I don’t see the difference that is made with heating the water in a swimming pool.”

Martin Fourcade, Olympic biathlon champion

at France Inter

Martin Fourcade says to himself “share” on the subject, even if he has “a conscience that is necessarily ecological” as a winter sportsman: “I think we have to do better. We live in a changing world and today it’s hard to accept that, for leisure, we have electricity consumption and a polluting activity. It’s the case of winter sports as it is the case of 100% of our society.”

The man running for a spot on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Athletes’ Commission says he would have “prefer” that the Olympics are held elsewhere but that he was not the decision maker. Furthermore, he concludes, “We do the Olympics in China, in a country that does not necessarily respect human rights and that, today, shocks me much more” than the use of artificial snow.

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