As hopes for a truce fade in Gaza, conflict spreads to West Bank

The territory is under high tension. On Friday evening, Al Aqsa’s martyrs’ brigades, the armed wing of Fatah, marched through the streets of Jenin refugee camp, the focal point of the second intifada. In a statement, they officially announced that they would target Israeli positions throughout the West Bank. Several IDF checkpoints were attacked in the evening, witnesses said. These various skirmishes caused the death of eleven Palestinians on Friday in the West Bank.

This is the first active response from Yasser Arafat’s movement. So far, as Hamas presents itself as heroes, and the Palestinian street ignites from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, Fatah has only stood out for its cancellation of the legislative elections, supposed to be held next week.

In Gaza, ‘continue the offensive for more than six months’

After reducing the range of its rockets considerably – for some, a sign of lull – Hamas resumed attacks on the center of the country on Saturday, killing an Israeli in Ramat Gan, a very close suburb of Tel Aviv. “We are ready to continue our offensive for more than six months, with the help of God”Hamas spokesman Abu Obayda said in a statement.

Meanwhile, electricity is sorely lacking in the Gaza Strip. Now reduced to five hours a day, Gazans could lose their only power plant on Sunday for lack of fuel. The chances of a truce are fading in the face of Israeli determination: “The intervention will end when we have eliminated all our targets”, thus said Thursday Elad Goren, spokesperson for COGAT, the unit of the Israeli army in charge of the coordination with the Palestinians. Surgical strikes which sometimes cause scandal. Ten members of a Palestinian family including eight children were killed Saturday morning in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City, Palestinian relief said. That same Saturday, the Israeli air force brought down a 13-story tower that housed the offices of Al-Jazeera and the Associated Press (AP) in Gaza. “This is an incredibly worrying development. We narrowly avoided terrible human losses ”, reacted Saturday in a statement the boss of the American agency, Gary Pruitt. “The world will be less informed about what is happening in Gaza because of what happened today”, he added.

Who are the Palestinians of Israel?

In the Palestinian camp, the victims are numerous. In Gaza, the Palestinian authorities have reported 139 dead, including 39 children, and some 1,000 injured in the shelling that was evacuated Friday evening by Egyptian ambulances. According to the UN humanitarian coordination office, there are more than 10,000 displaced people. Most come from the northeastern neighborhoods of the strip, closest to Israeli territory, fleeing a possible ground offensive.

At the end of the tunnel, insecurity

In both populations, concern for the aftermath already reigns. Emerging from an endless cycle of repeated elections, the Israelis can only count on an emergency government held hostage by the political demands of its leader, Benjamin Netanyahu. But intercommunal relations have never been so strained – the riots of the past few days have given rise to greater solidarity among Palestinian citizens of Israel, but have also shown the new strength of Jewish far-right activists. . Building on their good results in the last legislative elections, these activists have gained confidence and are mobilizing more actively to confront Palestinian citizens of Israel.

In Israel, an uninhibited far right?

In the West Bank, this insurance could also take another form. On Thursday, eight Palestinians were injured by settlers, with the protection of Israeli soldiers, during a punch operation on their village of A-Tuwani, south of Hebron. “ Things are getting worse quickly ”, says Sami Huraini, a nonviolent activist. He describes a shower of deaf grenades and tear gas. “They shot us with live ammunition. It’s completely new ”, he asserts, adding that he did not recognize any of the soldiers. “There have been four attacks in less than a week, now we expect an attack anytime. “


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