As soon as I was homeless with ‘Bigg Boss’, Nikki Tamboli was killed by Jan Kumar Sanu, said- I was scared

Jan Kumar Sanu’s journey in ‘Bigg Boss 14’ ended on Sunday. Jaan got evicted from the show in the episode ‘Weekend Ka War’. Jan traveled nearly half the season on the reality show. During this, he faced many allegations. The issue of nepotism also arose. The biggest charge on Jaan was that in this journey he did not take a stand on issues, he was called Double Dholki. Their relationship with Nikki Tamboli, Ejaz Khan and Pavitra Poonia continued to deteriorate. Jaan has spoken on all these issues as soon as he is homeless from home. At the same time, he has fiercely taken out his anger on Nikki Tamboli.

‘I was scared, I can’t fight all the time’

In a conversation with our collaboration ‘ETimes’, Jan says,’ I was a little scared. I have been calm and innocent. I believed that the house would have to be adjusted with the rest of the people. I tried to be friends with everyone and be good with everyone, but this is how people saw that I never took a stand. If quarreling is the way to appear on the show, then sorry, I can’t always fight. Every contestant who comes to the house feels that if they want to see and win, then everyone has to fight, drama has to be done.

‘Rahul Vaidya is very smart, he was not an issue of nepotism’

Jan Kumar Sanu and Rahul Vaidya were very good friends in the show, sometimes against each other. In the nomination task, Rahul also described Jan as a product of nepotism. On this, Jan says, “Of all the contestants on the show, Rahul Vaidya is the smartest. But it was stupid to raise his nepotism issue. Everyone knows that I am not a producer of nepotism. I don’t think they had any reason to nominate me. To tell the truth, Rahul knows how to play the game and he will last long in the show.

‘Nikki is hungry for publicity, can do anything’

Jan Kumar Sanu made it clear in the beginning that he likes Nikki Tamboli. He was also seen in front of and behind Nikki in the show. But Nikki kept a double attitude. Sometimes she looked close to life and sometimes used to disrespect them publicly. Nikki also accused Jan of forcibly kissing. Jaan says that Nikki Tamboli is hungry for publicity and can do anything to be in the public eye. But they have no agenda. She simply wants to be in the limelight with her untamed ways.

‘Ejaz Khan a good person, but …’

Jan Kumar Sanu considered Ejaz Khan as his elder brother in the show. However, there were several quarrels between the two. Jaan says Ejaz Khan is a good person, but he is very conscious in the show. He is too focused on winning the game, so at times he behaves strangely. Otherwise, who gets up at 5 in the morning and checks the goods of others? He is a different type of person in the show.

‘Ali Goni considers himself great’

Jan Kumar Sanu also targeted Ali Goni. Jaan says, ‘Ali Goni feels that he is a great man and he will solve all the problems. But their methods are not going to work. Jaan says that according to her, Pavitra Poonia is playing her game and she will definitely be seen in the top-5 alongside Ejaz Khan.


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