Assassination of Samuel Paty: 48 personalities demand new institutions to defend “full secularism”

Collaborators or close to “Charlie Hebdo” (Caroline Fourest, Richard Malka, Marika Bret) are among the signatories of the column published Sunday in the “JDD”, just like Elisabeth Badinter.

They ask for a “new dynamic” for “restore full secularism”. In a column published by the JDD (article reserved for subscribers), Sunday October 25, in reaction to the terrorist assassination of Samuel Paty, 48 personalities including the philosopher Elisabeth Badinter, the lawyer of Charlie hebdo Richard Malka and the essayist and collaborator of the satirical newspaper Caroline Fourest, call on the public authorities to create “new tools, new bodies” to defend secularism.

The assassination of Samuel Paty, “in the most barbaric and expressive way possible, in the codified ritual of religious execution of radical Islam”, aimed to “undermine the democratic foundations of the French Republic”, analyze the signatories. “The entire secular edifice is to be restored today on the basis of the law of 1905, its most solid foundation”, they say, saying they see a “awareness” and one “hope” in this sense among a majority of the population since this attack: “This death is the electroshock which gives the French the strength to no longer accept the unacceptable”.

The signatories of this forum attack those who, in their eyes, “stay away from this deep popular and democratic movement”, and that “for three decades trying to convince the French that they are guilty of everything, that they do not see what they see, that if they die under the bullets and the blades of the knives, it is indeed their fault and not that of the assassins “.

Without explicitly designating their targets, the authors of the text, in their call for training “public bodies adapted to this transformed political horizon”, plead for the latter to replace existing actors who, according to them, have “done their time” : “These have moved away from the defense of secularism, going so far as to constantly take the side of their opponents”, they accuse.

These criticisms echo the words of the entourage of Secretary of State Marlène Schiappa, reported by Point, targeting the general rapporteur of the Observatory of secularism, Nicolas Cadène, judged by this anonymous source “more concerned with the fight against the stigmatization of Muslims than with the defense of secularism”. In the wake of the publication of these remarks, Matignon was moved by franceinfo about “settling of accounts by press”, but had announced Jean Castex’s intention to “to evolve” this instance.

In addition to Elisabeth Badinter, Richard Malka and Caroline Fourest, the text is signed by Marika Bret, the HRD of Charlie hebdo, the philosopher Marcel Gauchet, the architect Roland Castro, the historian Iannis Roder, the philosopher Henri Pena-Ruiz or even the former minister Jean Glavany.

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