Assassination of Samuel Paty: “Muslims in France are upset”, declares the President of the French Council for Muslim Worship

Mohammed Moussaoui once again strongly condemns the authors of terrorist attacks and refutes the jihadist discourse: “Their act of barbarism is an insult to the memory of the prophet, a desecration of his message”.

“Muslims in France are upset, wounded”, reacts Wednesday, October 21 on franceinfo Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the French Council of Muslim worship, who attended the ceremony organized in the courtyard of the Sorbonne during the national tribute to Samuel Paty, assassinated by a terrorist Friday, October 16 in front of the College of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines) where he practiced.

franceinfo: How did you react to the speech of the Head of State this evening?

Mohammed Moussaoui: It was a very moving ceremony. There was meditation, the homage paid to Samuel Paty. On behalf of the Muslims of France, I wanted to be there to say, of course, our compassion, our solidarity, to Samuel Paty’s family, to his loved ones, his students, his colleagues, but also to say that the Muslims of France are upset. , injured. It is first of all a fellow citizen who has just been cowardly assassinated, and in addition, it is made in the name of our religion. Impostors have succeeded in selling cowardice in its worst criminal manifestations into heroic acts of bravery to certain young people. The president had words about Samuel Paty, who was the real hero, the one who killed him, he’s a coward. Muslims in France must be aware that their religion is instrumentalised by people who are the embodiment of terror, of hatred, who are the embodiment of the betrayal of all that is sacred. They claim to defend the sacred, they claim to defend the honor of the prophet of Islam, caricatured. To them we will say: their act of barbarism is an insult to the memory of the prophet, a profanation of his message. This evening I had the opportunity to meet many of our fellow citizens of different religions and I felt that there was a fierce desire to be together.

This attack was carried out in the name of Islam. Do you think that makes it a reason for Muslims to speak out even more than others?

Unfortunately, the Muslims of France find themselves almost powerless to respond to this continual outbreak of these acts of terrorism against our fellow citizens. And when it’s done in the name of our religion it’s even more hurtful. They have to talk. It’s too easy to say “it doesn’t concern me”. All citizens are concerned. First of all, Muslims in France are concerned because our fellow citizen was assassinated in the name of our religion. So, we should be doubly horrified by this act and I think it is the responsibility of everyone, of all of society, school, family, public authorities: everyone is supposed to monitor and react to this terrorism. .

How should we react to the start of the school year? What to tell the students?

I think we have seen that, unfortunately, at the origin of this criminal act, there were parents who complained. It’s true that I think it’s important to remind parents to trust teachers. We’ll have to trust them. If there is not this trust, the institution cannot function. There is a difference between being interested in our children’s schooling and interfering in the work of teachers. I think everyone should stay in their place. I think the speech should be told to parents in a clear and respectful way.

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