Asterix’s new album, “Astérix et le Griffon”, will be released on October 21

Asterix’s 39th album, “Astérix et le Griffon” will be released on October 21, publisher Hachette announced on Monday at a press conference. It will be the fifth of the duo Jean-Yves Ferri, the author, and Didier Conrad, the designer. This is the first presentation of Asterix album in the absence of the historical designer, Albert Uderzo, who died on March 24, 2020.

This new album takes the Gauls to the East, on the trail of the Sarmatians, in an area going from Ukraine to Mongolia, passing of course through Russia. The griffin is the totem, the religious symbol of the Sarmatians, threatened in their belief by the conquest of the Romans and by Julius Caesar.

In this new opus, our famous Gauls will venture into snowy landscapes in the company of horses, in wide open spaces, thus resembling the theme of the western where we find conquest, battles, an indigenous people and revered animals. Note the creation of a trio of new Romans who lead the troops: Dansonjus, Jolicursus, and Terinconus. The latter resembling the writer Michel Houellebecq.

Hachette plans three editions: a “basic” is at 9.99 euros, a “luxury” at 12.99 and a digital edition. The publishing house hopes to sell 5 million copies. The last album, “La fille de Vercingétorix” has sold more than 3 million copies, 2 million in France, 1 million internationally.

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