AstraZeneca: those under 55 should receive a second dose of another vaccine, recommends the High Authority for Health

About 600,000 French people, mostly medical staff, have received a first dose of AstraZeneca and will have to supplement it with a second injection of Pfizer or Moderna.

New episode in the AstraZeneca series. After the European Medicines Agency (EMA) recognized that there were “very rare” risks of blood clots after an injection of the Anglo-Swedish vaccine, the French High Authority for Health is preparing to publish a press release advocating a second dose of another vaccine for those under 55.

Indeed, since March 19, only French people of older age can be vaccinated with AstraZeneca. A decision that comes when nearly 600,000 people, mostly members of the nursing staff, had already received their first injection. What second dose should then be given to them? The Haute Autorité de santé seems to be opting for a messenger RNA vaccine, either Pfizer or Moderna, which is 95% effective.

“It’s totally logical”

It’s totally logical», Reacted Friday April 9 the Minister of Health Olivier Véran on RTL. Limit AstraZeneca injections “is a precautionary measure“And”it is perfectly normal to offer a second injection of messenger RNA within 12 weeksWhich follow in order to meet the deadlines.

France is not the only country to take such a decision. Italy and Spain had already chosen caution, announcing Thursday to reserve the vaccine from the Anglo-Swedish laboratory for over 60s, while Belgium now intends it for over 55s and the United Kingdom for over 30s. years. Others have made a more radical choice, such as the region of Castile and Leon, in northwestern Spain, which has completely suspended its use, just like Denmark.


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