AstraZeneca vaccine: a bad signal for the French

DECRYPTION – Health authorities are being cautious about a vaccine that is essential today. They want to do well by protecting the French.

France is in a very bizarre position with its recommendations on the AstraZeneca vaccine. On the one hand, our health authorities are showing greater caution than the European Medicines Agency, which maintains its total confidence in the vaccine developed by the University of Oxford with the Anglo-Swedish laboratory, without giving any restrictions. of age. And on the other, the HAS, which has often sinned by slowness and reluctance since the start of the pandemic, has shown a very unusual daring in recommending that one vaccine be exchanged for another for the second dose. A replacement that the WHO refuses to recommend, recalling “That there is no adequate data to say if this is something that can be done”. France therefore finds itself more timid than Europe, but more daring than the WHO!

The health authorities obviously want to do well in protecting the French, but can they imagine the damage in terms of image that this decision will bring down on the

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